Seeking Alpha – You Know Things Are Falling When…

That time when all sorts of Financial News Outlets are writing stories about things that you have already been discussing for a long time….

S&P 500, Trend Line Break, Downside Losses

S&P 500 Trend Line broken and not recaptured. Trouble ahead??

I like it when someone else backs up what I have been telling people. Please click on the link to read:

Have you thought about downside loss mitigation?

“Invest for Growth, but more importantly, Mitigate Losses. If we do that, then Returns will take care of themselves”.

We can manage 401(k)’s, Pensions, Non-Profits, Foundations, Individuals and Families, etc… If it can be invested we can manage it…

The answer is YES.

*As a side note all 5 of our Model Portfolio Funds outperformed the Broad US Markets on average by +9.37% to +15.68% in 2018… AND our 4 Traditional Model Funds are still outperforming US Markets as of 5/28/19 on average by +5.18% to +14.84%… Even the Contrarian Long/Short Fund is now outperforming US Markets by +1.02% as of yesterday. (I am personally looking forward to how the Contrarian Model will perform with whats coming…)



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