“After all, last week’s rally had absolutely nothing to do with fundamentals, it came because fundamentals are deteriorating and forced the Fed to rescue markets again in the form of jawboning.

Can anyone with a straight face here even claim markets would’ve rallied 5%+ in one week had it not been for the Fed? I submit one can’t. A rally yes, we were massively oversold and hit key support levels, but not a 5%+ monster short squeeze/FOMO chase.

No, be assured this was another jawboning intervention once again well timed at a critical market pivot.

S&P 500 Analog, 2006-2007, 2017-2019

S&P 500 Index Analog comparing the period of 2006 – 2007 Vs. 2017 – 2019

Ironically, structurally speaking, this rally has accomplished something of note: It has perfectly followed a script laid out years ago, one I’ve been discussing in recent market videos.”

-Northman Trader


Have you thought about downside loss mitigation?

“Invest for Growth, but more importantly, Mitigate Losses. If we do that, then Returns will take care of themselves”.

We can manage 401(k)’s, Pensions, Non-Profits, Foundations, Individuals and Families, etc…

The answer is YES.

*As a side note all 5 of our Model Portfolio Funds outperformed the Broad US Markets on average by +9.37% to +15.68% in 2018… AND continuing on into this year through 5/31/19 all 5 of our Funds are still outperforming US Markets on average by +4.04% to +16.96%….

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